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Can i get a free sample?
Yes, you can have a sample assessment if neccessary. We hope our sample can enhance your confidence and establish the base for longterm cooperation. However, we have to input a lot more efforts in a sample order than a massive order. Thus we have the following sample policy:

   1, no free sample.

   2, all samples have to be packed by plywood crate to avoid damage.

   3, Packing, banking and handling cost will be charged from buyer.

   4, sample feedback is a must, no matter good or bad.

What's Vigor Quality Standard?
Vigor looks the quality as the first priority of business and always apply with the highest level quality standard in inspections. Firstly, our factory is ISO certificated that we are well organized to carry out the quality control procedures. Secondary, there are check points in all major procedure and its supervisor is responsible for the result. Every single unit will be tested and approved before packing. The last but not the least, Vigor quality specialist will make random inspection before every shipment leaves our factory.

How long is your delivery time
For normal product & normal orders, it will take 30~40 days. In case of the following conditions:

   1, new products & developments

   2, special requirements and first order

   3, need certification

   4, domestic peak season ( Mar~May)

    Extra 15~20 days is needed.

    Delivery time will be written on P/I or contract for each order.

What's Vigor's Warranty and how does it works?
We offer 1 year for the whole machine. In case random defect or failure is reported within aforementioned period, we will offer free spare parts but bearing no freight cost. Actually we will send a certain percentage free spare parts in each container you buy.
For the failure & defect in bulk, we will provide all technical support and spare part to carry out the replacement project or recall all defective products and bear all corresponding cost under the request of buyer.

More questions please send us a feeback immeadiately! 

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