China Manufacturer of Solar Freezer & other freezer




Based on more than 16 years' experience on manufacture and export of freezers in China,especially owning a professional and efficient team,we can provide our customers:

1,Sourcing service: Mainly refrigeration products,and other products.

  • Supplier Identification & Price Research
  • Sample & Prototype Development
  • Quality Assurance & Quality Inspections
  • Social Compliance Audits
  • Product Compliance Consulting & Product Testing
  • Shipping & Logistic

2,Technical service:To build a freezer or refrigerator factory.

  • Product design and development
  • Suggestion for the materials of freezer that you need to buy
  • Advice for the plant location and planning
  • Providing the equipments for choice,also providing Installation guidance
  • Providing personal training
  • Technical service support during the manufacturing

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